1. Use of Terms

1. (About this contract)

  1. This Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement"), when using Cardiovascular Surgerys (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") provided by the Kansai Eye Disease Study Group (the "Study Group") It applies to all acts of.
  2. If we change, abolish, or establish a new agreement on this agreement, it will take effect on the day specified by this workshop.
  3. In the event that we change, abolish or create new terms of this agreement, the institute will notify the contractor in advance about its contents in advance.

2. (Application for membership registration)

  1. Those who wish to become a member of this service agree to the contents of this agreement and apply for membership registration by the method prescribed by this research group.
  2. The person who applied for member registration (hereinafter referred to as "registration applicant") will become the service member at the time the institute accepts the application for use.
  3. The user shall make modifications on this service immediately if there is a change in information content at the time of member registration.

3. (Disapproval of Application for Membership Registration)

When this group falls under any of the following items, depending on the judgment of the institute, we may not accept application for registration by applicant.

  1. When the applicant for registration does not satisfy the membership criteria displayed by this group on the service in a manner recognizable to the applicant for registration.
  2. When the application applicant makes an application for use without using the method described in paragraph 1 of the preceding article.
  3. If the applicant for registration is a person who received a mandatory registration cancellation due to violation of this agreement or other terms of use in the past.
  4. Other In case that our study group is deemed inappropriate.

4. (Member registration cancellation)

  1. If the user desires to cancel the registration of this service member, the user shall make a request for cancellation of registration to this research group by the method specified by this research group.
  2. In the event that the user conducts any of the acts listed in the following items, the Study Group will refuse to use this service by forcibly canceling the user by the judgment of the Study Group Yes.
    1. When it became clear that it did not meet the membership standard stipulated by this study group at the time of member registration.
    2. In case of violation of this agreement or other terms of use.
    3. Other In case that our study group is deemed inappropriate.

5. (Holding of member account)

  1. The user shall have one member account per person. It is impossible for one person to hold multiple member accounts, and multiple people can not hold one member account jointly.
  2. In any case, the user can not transfer or lend the member account to a third party.

6. (Membership Fee)

  1. For this service, membership registration is charged. Regarding the specific amount of these expenses (hereinafter simply referred to as "membership fee"), payment period, effective use period of the service, payment method, etc., on this service, It shall be displayed in a recognizable way to members of this service.
  2. Membership fee paid once does not refund irrespective of reason.

7. (credit card settlement)

  1. The terms of use (payment due dates, credit limit amounts, etc.) shall be in accordance with the terms and conditions separately established between the user and the card company.
  2. Credit card transactions are limited to credit cards in the name of the reserver.
  3. You shall be able to seek compensation from users for damages caused by using other people 's credit card, entering false credit card information, or other acts deemed inappropriate by the Society.
  4. The Study Group does not assume any responsibility arising from the failure of the user to enter the credit card number and expiration date correctly and the settlement is not completed and the reservation can not be secured.
  5. In the event of a dispute between the user and the card company, both parties shall resolve and conflict shall not be resolved by the Study Group at all.

8. (Improvement of usage environment)

  1. The user shall appropriately develop personal computers and all other devices, software, and communication means necessary for using this service in accordance with their own responsibilities and expenses.
  2. Users shall take security measures such as unauthorized access and prevention of information leaks, depending on their usage environment.
  3. This group does not involve any use environment of users and does not assume any responsibility.

9. (Management of ID, password, etc.)

  1. When the Study Group grants or sets this user to the Service concerning this Service, the User shall be responsible for the management of the Member ID, Password, Registered Email Address etc (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Password etc") In any case as the own responsibility.
  2. The user shall not be allowed to use, lend, transfer, sell, trade, etc. the third party for the purpose of using the service, while the member is qualified as a member.
  3. The Study Group shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for the user responsible for the insufficient management of the password etc, the error in use, the damage due to the use by a third party etc.
  4. In the event that a password or the like is known to a third party, if the password, etc., is likely to be used by a third party, the user shall immediately notify the study group to that effect, and the instructions of this study group In some cases we shall obey this.

10. (Grant of rights concerning this service)

  1. Permission to users of this research group
    1. The Study Group shall grant users the use of the Service within the scope specified by the Study Group.
    2. The institute holds rights relating to all contents provided by the institute within this service, and the research group has rights to patent rights, utility model right, design right, trademark right, copyright , It does not constitute implementation or licensing of a viable know-how or other intellectual property right (hereinafter simply referred to as "intellectual property rights etc.").
    3. You shall not copy, transmit, transfer, lend, translate, adapt or otherwise use the contents of the Service in any way.
    4. The Study Group does not grant users the right to re-license for this service.
    5. Regardless of the preceding paragraph, in the event that the user loses the user's qualification regardless of the cancellation of the registration or other reasons, the use rights of the Service granted to the user by the Study Group shall be extinguished.
    6. The Study Group shall be able to change the term of validity of the use right of the service granted to the user at any time.
    7. When the user loses the user's qualification regardless of the reason for cancellation of registration or other reasons, the research group, except for cases where the institute separately deals with the disappearance of the right to use this service , Any profits related to this service will also disappear.
  2. Licensing etc. of the user to this research group
    1. The copyright of images, videos, and other information (hereinafter referred to as posted information) that users post to this service belongs to the creator. In addition, our research group treats posting information as a user who posted the posted information as a user who created them.
    2. The research group will contribute posting information to the management and smooth provision of this service, advertisement of this service, advertisement of third party products or services related to this service, construction, improvement, maintenance of this service , Within the range necessary for improving services, etc., you may use or license. Also, in using posted information, it is possible to omit a part or name display of information.
    3. The Study Group shall be able to notify users of new system functions, advertisement distribution, distribution of e-mail magazines, business affairs on the management of this service, and other information.
    4. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, when notifying the user that he / she does not wish to provide information, in advance or afterwards in a manner prescribed by the Study Group, we will provide information except in cases necessary for the provision of this service Shall not. Incidentally, regardless of the desire to provide user information, if the error notification arrives more than a certain number of times even though we distributed mail to the mail address registered by the user, or , If there is complaint etc from a third party, you may delete the user's mail address from the mail delivery destination.
    5. The Study Group shall prepare figures, statistical data, etc. in a form that can not identify the individual of the user from the information such as history, and can use the statistical data etc. without any limitation.

11. (Implementation of Questionnaire etc.)

  1. We may conduct a questionnaire about this service and its use while the user is a member or after it is no longer a member.
  2. In the case referred to in the preceding paragraph, the user shall provide information and opinions based on his / her own responsibility, and with respect to the information, opinions, etc. provided by him / herself, guaranteeing the truthfulness and accuracy to the institute will do.
  3. The Study Group shall be free to use or to use the results of the questionnaire etc in the preceding paragraph without prior consent of the user.

12. (Matters Prohibited by Users)

The user shall not do the following acts. The user shall bear the responsibility to compensate for any damage caused to us by such action.

  1. Prohibited items concerning posted information
    1. Users who do not have copyrights on certain information should submit to this service without obtaining permission from copyright holders and not informing the research group in advance.
    2. Posting information that is difficult to verify facts about truth or information of false content
    3. Post information that is contrary to public order and morals or resume that may be likely to occur
    4. Others Post information to be considered inappropriate by the institute
  2. Other general prohibitions
    1. Actions that impede collection of usage fees and other obligations from the Society to users or that are likely to occur
    2. Acts infringing or possibly infringing the copyright, portrait right, or other intellectual property rights of this work group or others
    3. Acts infringing or possibly infringing on the property, privacy or portrait rights of this group or others
    4. Actions that unjustly discriminate against or slander our work group or another person, encourage unfair discrimination against others, or to harm their honor or credibility
    5. Acts judged by the institute as contrary to or against the laws, ordinances, morality or this agreement
    6. Acts judged by the Society as infringing or possibly causing the rights of the Company or others
    7. Other acts hindering the operation of the research group
    8. Actions that would detract from the trust of this research group and this service
    9. Acts of using information acquired through this service beyond the scope of reproduction, sale, publication, or other private use
    10. Searching for user's system authentication and security without legitimate authority, acts trying to access or access private information or account of this service
    11. Any act that places a burden on the workshop or another person's server, or acts that hinder or damage the management of this service or the network / system, or acts that may cause these
    12. Other acts separately prohibited by the institute

13. (Compensation for Damages)

If the user violates these Terms and gives damage to the Study Group, the user shall be liable for damages for any damages, whether directly or indirectly, to the Study Group.

14. (Disclaimer)

  1. The user shall use this service at the user's own risk of own responsibility and we will not assume any responsibility for any actions and results made using this service.
  2. We do not guarantee technical inaccuracies, misprints, misprints on the contents of this service, no faults or obstacles.
  3. Regarding the external site linked from the information provided by this service, the institute is not responsible for anything about the legality, morality, reliability, accuracy, site change, renewal, etc. of its contents We shall assume. Also, the fact that the external site is linked from the information provided by the service does not imply that there is some commercial relationship between the institute and the external site.
  4. The Study Group shall not be held liable for any disputes, etc. arising from the use of this service between the user and the recruiters, recruiters or other third parties.
  5. Responsibility for posting information is on the user himself. We will not be held responsible for the legality, morality, reliability, accuracy, etc. concerning the contents of posted information.
  6. In the event that a user violates the privacy of another person, in the case of infringement of the privacy right, in the case of disclosing personal information of a third party without permission, in the case of conducting an act in violation of the copyright law or other rights of others In the event of infringement, the user must resolve in its own responsibility and expenses, the Society shall not take any responsibility.
  7. We have authority to view contents of posted information, history etc etc. However, this group does not assume such obligation. In addition, we will not take any responsibility for any damage caused by it.
  8. The user shall recognize that the Study Group is not obliged to preserve the information such as posting information, history, etc. and will back up necessary information as necessary.
  9. If we decide that this service is necessary for the operation, we have the authority to freely view and delete files uploaded by users and posting information. However, this group does not assume such obligation. Moreover, we are not responsible for any damage caused by it.
  10. When using the information obtained by this service or this service, users must comply with the regulations in the countries and areas to be used, and the Society shall assume all liability for user's regulation violation not.
  11. We will not assume any responsibility for conflict and other problems that occurred with communication, activities of users, recruiters, between users and job seekers, between users, and transactions . Even if there is a dispute between users, it will be resolved between those users.
  12. Our research group is exempt from all responsibility for addition, change, interruption, termination, trouble, addition, change, interruption and termination of this service regardless of the reason, so that any disadvantages and damages We will not bear any responsibility and we will not make any compensation for data on this service even if there are loss of service use opportunity and other disadvantages and damages and other disadvantages and damages).
  13. If the Study Group determines that there is a reasonable reason to believe that an act that violates these Terms of Use or other Terms of Use or an act that may be likely to occur is performed, We may cancel the compulsory registration, delete all or part of the information such as resume, change the scope of disclosure, etc, but we are not responsible for any damage caused by it.
  14. We will not assume any responsibility for notifying the meeting for users to gather together outside this service and collecting participants widely.

15. (Change of System Function etc.)

The institute shall be able to change, suspend or terminate all or part of the functions of this service without prior notice to the user regardless of the reason.

16. (Change of this agreement)

  1. According to the judgment of this research group, this research group can change this agreement at any time without arbitrary reason without obtaining prior approval of the user.
  2. Unless otherwise specified by the Study Group, the changed terms will be effective from the time the Study Group has indicated on the Service, unless otherwise specified by the Study Group.
  3. By using this service after changing this agreement, you are deemed to have accepted all contents of the description of changed terms and conditions.
  4. When this agreement is newly established, changed, etc., it will also apply to posting information posted before such enactment, change etc.

17. (Suspension of use for maintenance work etc.)

  1. In the event that it falls under each of the following items, the Study Group may suspend the temporary operation of this service without prior notice or consent to the user, and the user agrees in advance To do.
    1. When maintaining the server for this service or recruitment system or changing specifications of this service or recruitment system or repair system defects.
    2. If natural disasters or other emergencies occur or there is a possibility of occurrence, or the operation of this service becomes difficult or impossible due to revision or establishment of laws and ordinances.
    3. In addition, when the Study Group determines that temporary suspension is necessary for the operation of this service due to unavoidable reasons.
  2. This work group is not responsible for the damage of users and third parties caused by the suspension of the operation of this service prescribed in the preceding paragraph and will not refund any usage fee.

18. (Information deletion etc. after cancellation of membership registration etc)

If the user is no longer a member due to cancellation of the registration or other reasons, we will acknowledge that any information such as posting information, history etc. on this service will be deleted and contents can not be confirmed. However, the Study Group does not undertake obligation to delete these.

19. (Privacy policy)

The handling policy of this group's personal information is as specified in the "Privacy Policy".

20. (Contact information)

If the user finds a violation of these Terms and other Terms of Use, or if there is a question about the Service for this Study Group, we will contact you through the form specified by this Study Group. However, we are not obliged to respond to this questionnaire but we may withhold answers at our discretion.

21. (Governing Law and Jurisdictional Court)

Applicable law concerning these Terms shall be Japanese law, and for any dispute arising in relation to these Terms, the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Simplest Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.


The Study Group and users shall consult in good faith in accordance with the principle of faithfulness and fairness in matters which are not stipulated in this Agreement or matters in which doubts arise in interpretation of these Terms and resolve themselves satisfactorily.

23. Supplementary provisions

This agreement will be implemented from June 1, 2012.