1. Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Cardinvascular Surgery (hereinafter referred to as "this service") recognizes personal information of users who use this service as important, pay close attention to the handling of such information, and take measures to protect personal information We are promoting. While paying attention to the usefulness of personal information, we respect the dignity of individuals and protect the rights and interests of individuals, while observing all laws and regulations, norms and social order concerning the handling of personal information, the following services We stipulate the personal information protection policy based on the "Personal Information Protection Law" and declare that we will implement and maintain it.

When we need to deal with personal information, we clearly specify the scope necessary for the handling purpose. In the case of using personal information beyond the range necessary for achieving the specified use purpose, we will obtain the consent of the person himself.
We will establish administrative rules on the acquisition, use and provision of personal information and handle personal information appropriately.
We will take necessary and appropriate human and material safety control measures to prevent and correct personal information leakage, loss or damage etc.
We will manage safely and properly so that we can respond to customers' trust sufficiently about the personal information you deposit from the customer by consignment service, and not for purposes other than entrusted work.
We will continuously improve the personal information protection management system through the improvement and improvement of the internal structure concerning the protection of personal information and educational awareness activities throughout the company.

1. Concept of protection of personal information

In order to facilitate the operation of this service, this service is going to acquire and use information such as customer's name, address, telephone number, e-mail address etc. This service recognizes the proper protection of personal information of these customers (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") as a serious obligation, and in order to fulfill this responsibility, the personal information under the following guidelines We will deal with it.

  1. We will comply with the law concerning the protection of personal information applied to personal information and other related laws and regulations and related guidelines and will handle it in accordance with the practice concerning the handling of personal information generally accepted as fair and reasonable. Also, we will make efforts to improve handling as appropriate.
  2. We clarify the regulations concerning the handling of personal information and thoroughly inform employees. We will also request suppliers to deal with personal information appropriately.
  3. When acquiring personal information, we will identify and publish the purpose of use and handle personal information within the scope of its purpose of use.
  4. In the case of providing customer's personal information to the contractor as a result of consigning all or part of the handling of personal information to a third party within the range necessary for achieving the purpose of use, After confirming that adequate protection of information is made, we conclude a contract on protection of personal information and take appropriate measures.
  5. In order to prevent the leakage, loss, tampering, etc. of personal information, we take necessary measures and manage appropriately.
  6. Regarding personal data possessed by this service, we will respond in good faith if we receive a request for disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension of use etc. from the customer himself / herself.

2. Purpose of use

As this service carries out business, we will acquire personal information that is necessary for business execution, but we will use these personal information for the following purposes.

  1. Use as a study material inside the service when improving and improving this service.
  2. Sending of various events organized, co-sponsored, sponsored, sponsored and cooperated by the service, invitations for events, guidance and seasonal greetings.
  3. In the case where all or part of the handling of personal information is entrusted by another business operator, etc., appropriate execution of said commissioned work.
  4. Distribution of e-mail magazines accompanying this service business, shipment of direct mail.
  5. Marketing survey accompanying this service business.
  6. Other Implementation of work related to this service business.

3. Management and Protection

Regarding the handling of personal information provided by users of this service and other related persons, the service strives to maintain the accuracy of personal information by appropriately and strictly managing personal information protection managers I will. In addition, we will implement necessary and appropriate level of safety measures based on the Personal Information Protection Regulations and the Personal Information Handling Management Detailed Regulations against the dangers of preventing leakage to the outside and unauthorized access from the outside, We will strive for safety management.

4. Offer to third parties

We will not provide personal information to third parties unless we consent to the service unless we are based on laws and ordinances.

5. Disclosure

Regarding personal data held by this service, if you wish to disclose your information, the service will confirm that you are the person you requested, except in the cases specified by laws and regulations , We will disclose without delay.

6. Correction, Add and Delete

Regarding the personal data possessed by this service, if you wish to correct, add or delete information about yourself, after confirming that you are the person you requested, contents different from the facts In some cases, we will correct, add or delete without delay.

7. Stop / delete usage

Regarding personal data possessed by this service, if you wish to suspend, cancel or stop the use of your own information, please confirm that you are the person you requested If we find that there is a reason for your request, we will suspend, eliminate, or stop providing third parties without delay. Please contact us from inquiry form regarding withdrawal. Contact us from here

8. About disclosure, correction, deletion etc. of personal information

  1. About inquiries

    Inquiries and complaints concerning the offer specified in 5.6.7 above concerning personal data held by this service and the handling of personal information of this service, etc., based on the procedure prescribed by this service, After confirming, we will respond promptly. Please understand that we may not be able to respond to requests for disclosure etc. not based on this procedure.

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  2. Fee

    If you respond to the request for the purpose of using personal data or for the disclosure of retained personal data, we will charge 500 yen (including consumption tax and local consumption tax equivalent) per case as a fee, transfer and other We will pay you by the method.